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CAN-GO Aluminum Roller Shelf

Product name: CAN-GO Aluminum Roller Shelf
Diameter of rollers: 4.5mm
Width: 60mm
Depth: can be customize (tips: better no longer than 600MM)
Thickness: 7.5mmMaterial: HIPS / ABS / OEM
Color: Black+Orange / Grey+ Orange / OEM

CAN-GO Roller Shelf, in addition to continuing the functions of the EASYMOVE Roller Shelf design, also adds many thoughtful and creative designs, such as:

1. Each roller shelf is set up with an independent curved transparent front stopper, the appearance design is more beautiful, and it supports silk screen printing to custom your LOGO.

2. The dividers and stoppers can be flip down, which not only greatly improves the replenishment efficiency , but also saves packaging space and transportation costs, and reduces the breakage rate.

3. The unlocking motion is a pull-push switch, which is set at the front, it will be more easier to adjust the goods for workers.

4. The width of the roller is 60mm, it will let the goods have more contact space with rollers.

5. We will assemble and ship the whole set with customized grill according to the customer's display needs. When customer receives the roller shelf, there is no need to do the cumbersome installation, just place it on the freezer and it will work. The whole process only takes 30s


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