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EASYMOVE Aluminum Roller Shelf

Product name: EASYMOVE Aluminum Roller shelf
Diameter of rollers: 5.5mm
Width: 50mm
Depth: can be customize (tips: better no longer than 650MM)
Thickness: 9mm
Material: HIPS / ABS / OEM
Color: Black+Orange / Grey+ Orange / OEM

In market, the aluminum roller shelf mainly have two styles usually :

- One sheet filled with full rollers +plug-in dividers, this option meets the needs of customers to adjust the spacing of the partition strip according to different product size, but there are also many customers who think that the cost are quite high.

- So another option developed, that is, the non-full rollers shelf which generally used with double-layer shelves, with rollers each row, the cost of this plan is lower, but the flexibly adjust the spacing of the dividers are not perfect enough, which will lead to not suitable for big bottles, and the space is not used fully for products in small bottles.

- Based on this situation, TROND has developed a variety of adjustable slides and applied for a number of invention and utility model patents, this project mainly through the cooperation of snap switch and rack to achieve lateral horizontal movement of the slide, so that it can not only meet the customer's requirements for cost, but also allow customers to adjust the display according to the actual situation.

-With our new solutions, customers only needs three steps to complete, that is, unlock---> move ---> fixed, no longer need to repeatedly plug and unplug the dividers and front, and rear alignment holes, which not only improves the efficiency , but also avoids the sliding effect due to improper operation.


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