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Easy-move Pusher

Product name: Easy-move Pusher
Unilateral Type:?mm
Bilateral Type :?mm
- Height:?mm
- Thickness:?mm
- Material:
Switch(Button)/Pusher Plate:ABS
- Color: Black + Orange / Gray + Orange / Customizable

- Supermarkets have a variety of goods, not only its height, width size is not the same, but also the weight and shape are not the same, so when customers need to adjust the placement of goods, the normal pusher can not perfectly meet the needs of use.The reason is that the pusher is not high enough or not wide enough, but worse is that customer needs to repeatedly disassemble and install. This will greatly affect the efficiency of tallying, thereby increasing labor costs.

- Therefore, based on this situation, TROND has developed a innovative solution, which has the following creative design, it not only to achieve the versatility of multi-size and multi-commodity types, but also to improve the efficiency of cargo.

1) Press the switch to unlock, after unlocking, move to the position what you want, and the pusher will automatically lock when you let go.

2) The front stopper can be overturned, and the goods can be pushed in horizontally during replenishment, which greatly improves the efficiency.

3) The push head supports 180° rotation, and customers can adjust according to different product width and height.

4) The plastic divider can be adjusted as shelf size by breaking off, it can improves the versatility of the product.

5) The Easy-move pusher are trackless design, which slides more smoothly.

6) No rear rail design, faster adjustment.

7) Customers can combine the Easymove pusher-Unilateral Type or Bilateral Type, according to their needs.


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Innovative thinking is beyond the traditional retail pattern, helping end consumers to enjoy a different shopping experience in the details.


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