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Foldable Divider

Product name:
Foldable divider
Divider: Single or Double
Length: Can be customize
Height: Can be customize
Material: lron / Stainless steel
Diameter: 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 5.0mm

In market there have two regular dividers for freezer separation methods:

A. Double-layer shelf : welded integrated divider and front stop

B. Single-layer shelf: which dividers inserted in the roller track

·Option A the spacing of the divider strips of the double-layer shelf has been fixed, and the customer cannot adjust it according to the actual beverage diameter, resulting in the waste of space for small bottles and the inability to fit large botles, and the packaging cost, transportation cost and breakage rate of this method are very high.

·Option B, if some customers only have separate needs, the tally solution product wil increase a lot of costs, and the product needs to be assembled by the customer after arrival, wasting labor costs.

in view of the above situation,TROND independenty developed a patented product the overturned divider, which can realize the overturned state and vertical state. When transporting goods, the divider is transported in an overturned state, which can save packaging and transportation costs, and also greatly reducing the breakage rate. More important is that we can install the divider in the corresponding position in advance according to the customer's needs. When the customers receives the goods, they just only need to adijust the divider in the overturned state to a vertical state, so that customer does not need to do the installation work, which greatly saves the customer's time.


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