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Gravity Roller Shelf (Plastic Lite Vision)

Product name: Gravity Roller Shelf (Plastic lite vision)
Diameter of rollers: 4.5mm
Width: 60mm / 50mm (It can be combined and matched as needed)
Depth: Can be customize
Thickness: 7.5mm
Material: HIPS / ABS / OEM
Color: Black / Grey / OEM

Nowadays, shopper expectations are higher. They demand value, fast convenient shopping, and sustainability is

quickly becoming a basic expectation.customers need to maintain absolute competitive advantage, this Lite Version plastic roller shelf uses a 4.5 diameter rollers, by splitting the plug head structure, this design can be selected according to the customer's needs for separation accessories, which can not only accurately meet the needs of customers, but also achieve the ultimate cost performance


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Innovative thinking is beyond the traditional retail pattern, helping end consumers to enjoy a different shopping experience in the details.


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