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Plastic Roller Shelf

Product name: plastic roller shelf
Diameter of rollers: 6.5mm
Width: 50mm / 30mm (It can be combined and matched as needed)
W50: 406.5mm/427.5mm/448.5mm/455.5mm/476.5mm/490.5mm/497.5mm/518.5mm/539.5mm/547.5mm
W30: 476.5mm/497.5mm/518.5mm/539.5mm/547.5mm
Thickness: 10mm
Material: HIPS / ABS / OEM
Color: Black / Grey / OEM

The development of Standard Plastic Roller Shelf, comes from the customer's desire to have more cost-effective roller slide product solutions, so TROND has developed this injection molding integrated plastic slide in response to the market demand, and its size can meet from 400-550mm. The diameter of the rollers is up to 6.5mm, so the rollers have good impact resistance. At the same time, the rollers still retain the detachable structure design, the rollers in the transportation process or daily use will not fall off, and customer can replace them very easily with regular tools if necessary, which can undoubtedly reduce the customer's after-sales cost and improve the service life of the product.


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