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Grocery stores& Convenience stores
Convenience stores have experienced significant growth and development in recent years. These stores provide customers with a variety of convenient products and services and have become an integral part of people's busy lifestyles. An important aspect of the development of convenience stores is the continuous enrichment of product categories. Initially, convenience stores were known for selling basic necessities such as snacks, beverages and tobacco products. However, as competition intensifies and consumer preferences change, these stores have now diversified their product lines. They now offer fresh produce, ready-to-eat meals, personal care items, household essentials, and even medications. This expanded selection attracts a larger customer base and enhances the overall shopping experience. Another important development in convenience stores is the adoption of advanced technology. The integration of technology has played a key role in the development of convenience stores. Many convenience stores now have modern point-of-sale systems that allow for faster and more accurate transactions.
Innovative thinking is beyond the traditional retail pattern, helping end consumers to enjoy a different shopping experience in the details.


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