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The first priority is keeping the variety of packaging shapes and sizes neatly merchandised without increasing labour time. Solutions such as shelf dividers, pushers and shelf trays are an effective way to reinforce brand visibility and keep products front-facing.

Health & Beauty products are often of higher value, especially when sold through the pharmacy and drugstore channels. Loss prevention solutions that are easy to manage and interfere as little as possible with the product packaging are important to minimise shrink.

Since this category offers an abundance of choice, guiding shoppers to find the right products for their needs is essential. Brand suppliers will also want to secure their shelf space, cut through the clutter and stand out in the crowded space. Pushers and shelf trays allow for shelf communication and differentiation while shelf lighting, glorifiers, highlighters, shelf talkers and digital screens provide essential information and bring brands to life.

The digital age influences beauty brands

Shoppers in the beauty category are highly digitally engaged, often looking for recommendations and inspiration online. Therefore, creating an omnichannel experience connecting online with the brick-and-mortar environment presents an opportunity to engage and delight shoppers. Examples are make-up tutorials and product guides as well as influencer marketing and inspiration based on latest trends.


Milk & dairy

efficient restocking, guarantee product freshness by date

Milk and dairy products have always been popular among everyone. Dairy products, in particular, provide rich nutrition and are very popular among children, adults, and the elderly.

With such high sales, dairy shelves can easily become cluttered.Even when the salesperson is replenishing goods, it is easy to ignore the issue of shelf life.

With our gravity replenishment system, you can not only keep the products on the shelves in order at all times, but also guarantee the fresh of the date.


Beer & wine

Drinking is often important in social situations, such as parties, celebrations, or gatherings. It can help people relax, promote social interaction, and foster a sense of unity and intimacy.

Many people use alcohol as a way to relax and de-stress. It may have a calming effect, promoting relaxation and temporarily reducing anxiety.

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Innovative thinking is beyond the traditional retail pattern, helping end consumers to enjoy a different shopping experience in the details.


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